Let’s talk news! Media, chaos, politicians! Ranging from lame gun laws to real-time media secrets. Come on! Everyone knows the media lies to us just to get us to do what the politicians want! They manipulate numbers! It is time for a rebellion.

Why are the most disturbing people the ones that get so famous? Take Amanda Bynes for example or Antoine Johnson! We should be ignoring these people rather than continue to encourage them. And say what? Three naked women being led around on dog leashes? Something creepy is happening here…aliens perhaps? Conspiracy? I do love conspiracies.

But these girls being forced to have sex and then beaten to induce miscarriages is just going a bit too far in evidence behind the police spending way too much attention on weed dealers. Focus on what’s important for once! Like public safety.

Is today a better day than yesterday though? Are we any safer than we were a year ago? We still can’t sleep with our doors unlocked. We still can’t own a gun without laws being passed to prohibit our own self-protection. Except for those felons. But hey! “Everyone makes mistakes.”

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