Watch Male Infedelity Due to ‘Cheating Gene’ Study Video | Helpless or Hopeless?

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Can men who cheat on their significant others blame biology and gene 334 for their philandering ways? Is Tiger Woods out of the woods thanks to science?

I like watching this sort of thing because I find it interesting, but I keep getting the feeling that way too many scientists (and doctors, etc) are throwing it all back on evolution for how we are today.

Valid argument, true, but it’s still rather annoying. I want to know about the science and current studies, not how they think it all came about.

The big thing to remember is that genes can give us a predisposition to certain things; they are not necessarily determining factors in how we will turn out.

Sure, we blame a lot on our genes, as is the new fad, but a lot more factors play into this than genes alone.


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