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Watch Video of Full Match Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Detroit Red Wings Game

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Watch Video of Full Match Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Detroit Red Wings Game

For all you Blackhawks fans, enjoy this full exclusive video to their match against the Red Wings. You’ll be so glad ya did. Then continue reading for spoilers on Game 7 since we all know the results now.

In sports, there are always unexplainable things — crazy bounces, boneheaded decisions, referees — and then there are things that make you stare at your television with your head tipped sideways, waiting for someone to tell you this is one of those “Saturday Night Live” spoofs and not something real, even though it’s not Saturday night.

Had the Blackhawks not won Game 7 against the Red Wings twice Wednesday night, they would still be awaiting the explanation for what happened with 1 minute 47 seconds left in the third period, why their dramatic game-winning goal was not a game-winning goal because a referee saw players getting pushy half a rink away and blew a whistle destined for the referee gaffe hall of fame until Chicago scored the game-winning goal again a few minutes into overtime.

As the Vice correspondent Ryan Duffy said, it was like being in a real-life “Truman Show,” starring the strangest basketball player anyone ever met.

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