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Watch Stanley Cup Final Game 7 Highlights Video | Oilers vs Panthers

“In a thrilling conclusion to the Stanley Cup Final, the Florida Panthers defeated the Edmonton Oilers, 2-1, in Game 7 to...
22 sec read

Corey Crawford drops two F-bombs at Blackhawks victory parade (Video)

Heck yeah he did! Everyone gets to go wild when some good competitive sports are involved and Corey Crawford is no...
Iman Peera
37 sec read

Chicago Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup Video

On Monday morning, the Chicago Blackhawks came up with a nickname for Patrick Kane. “Benefish,” they dubbed the 24-year-old.
Iman Peera
36 sec read

Bruins-Blackhawks Game 3 Stanley Cup Finals Video

From a certain perspective, Game 3 was an extension of the last 36 minutes of Wednesday’s Game 2: the once-surging Blackhawks...
Iman Peera
45 sec read

Watch New John Tortorella Done In New York Video

SportsCenter’s Inside the NHL looks at the fallout from John Tortorella’s firing in New York and who the Rangers look to...
Iman Peera
42 sec read

Watch Video of Full Match Chicago Blackhawks Vs. Detroit Red Wings Game

For all you Blackhawks fans, enjoy this full exclusive video to their match against the Red Wings. You’ll be so glad...
Iman Peera
41 sec read

Scary ‘Roof Collapses On Ice Hockey Rink’ Video | Kids Training Get A Nasty Surprise

No one ever wants to see a roof falling in on them while they’re inside a building. Least of all the...
Dave Parrack
25 sec read

Amazing Real Bears Playing Hockey (Video) | Truly The World’s Most Dangerous Sport

I don’t know how they managed to do it, but these bears play hockey better than some kids. Notice the cute...
Iman Peera
22 sec read

NHL Accident Video | Chicago Blackhawks’ Adam Burish’s Throat Cut Open During Game

This video is the reason why I would never play ice hockey. In fact, I’d probably never even go ice skating...
Dave Parrack
36 sec read

Sarah Palin Gets Booed At Hockey Game (Video) | Philadelphia Flyers Fans Are Loud!

The battle for the White House is hotting up. While the main war of attrition is between John McCain and Barack...
Dave Parrack
23 sec read

Funny Little Kids Hockey Fight Video | 5 Yr Old Badass Fights His Own Teammate

While the best hockey fights involve tons of violence, other fights can be downright embarrassing. This one on the other hand,...
Iman Peera
30 sec read

Strange Sports Video | Playing Hockey Under The Ice

Talk about a good way to freeze your balls off… all for what? A little trophy and some glory for a...
Julie Popp
29 sec read

Amazing Hockey Play Video | Tripping? You’ve Got to Be Kidding

This video shows one of the most amazing hockey plays, and one of the most ridiculous referee calls all at once....
Lauren Katulka
21 sec read

Amazing Hockey Goal Video | Rod Davidson Scores From Nearly 200 Feet Away

As an Australian I’m willing to admit that I don’t know a lot about ice hockey. But even I can appreciate...
Lauren Katulka
23 sec read

The Worst Hockey Fight Video In History | Two NHL Players Square Off

This has to be one of the worst NHL hockey fights in history. Last year, the Montreal Canadians were against the...
Iman Peera
26 sec read

Awesome Hockey Brawl Video | Russian Hockey Mass Fight

I have to hand it to the Russians; they certainly know how to put on a show! I might even start...
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Dutch Hockey Web TV Channel | Hockey TV

Hockey TV is an internet TV station dedicated to Dutch Hockey. The Dutch Hockey channel is currently showing highlights and event...
Chris Tew
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