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Watch World War Z – Spoiler Review (Video)

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Watch World War Z – Spoiler Review (Video)

Spoiler Alert! IGN takes an in-depth look at Brad Pitt’s big-budget zombie movie, discussing the film’s twists, turns, and re-shot ending.

While the prequel to 2001’s “Monsters Inc.” met industry projections, “World War Z” exceeded them. Heading into the weekend, the Brad Pitt action thriller was expected to open with no more than $55 million. Instead, the pricey Paramount Pictures’ production took in a healthy $66 million during its first three days of release.

Pre-release audience surveys also suggested that “World War Z” would trail “Man of Steel,” which has now been in theaters for two weekends. Instead, the Superman film saw its ticket sales tumble 65% to $41.2 million — leaving the superhero to settle for third place.

Meanwhile, many in Hollywood had forecast doom for “World War Z,” after the $200-million-plus film was plagued by numerous troubles, including extensive rewrites. The film, based on a novel by Max Brooks, stars Pitt as a U.N. investigator trying to save both his family and the world from a zombie apocalypse. The picture, directed by Marc Forster, was co-financed by Paramount, Skydance Productions and GK Films.

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