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Major Flood Calgary Alberta (Video)

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Major Flood Calgary Alberta (Video)

Tens of thousands of Calgarians are returning home as flood evacuation orders continue to be lifted. Here are some key developments about how to return safely and what’s happening downtown and at schools.

City officials announced Monday that all evacuation orders outside the city core have been lifted. Residents are now allowed back into their homes in all communities. The only exception is the 2200 block of Eighth avenue Southeast in Inglewood.

Evacuation orders remain in effect for residents of the city core.On Monday, thousands of people affected by flood evacuations continued to do self-assessments of their homes.

Those heading home are being urged to follow safety guidelines when they re-enter.

Boy, that DOES suck. Best thing to do now is stay indoors far away from your home and chill out. Maybe make some hot cocoa. That’s all the advice I got, guys. Or drink wine with some piping hot supper because there’s not much else to do besides wait it out. Nature works like that.

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