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West Texas Fertilizer Explosion (Video)

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West Texas Fertilizer Explosion (Video)

WTF is going on in the world these days to have suicides, kids overdosing on drugs reported as well as bomb explosions going on in such a short time frame? Oh yes, that’s what’s been going on for centuries. We’re only now giving a crap now. My bad.

The exposure to ammonia in an area like this can be potentially lethal. Apparently some guy decided to use the combustibility of fertilizer to set off a bomb while he was in for God knows what reasons. The point is this mofo is cray-cray and and so are a lot of other people. What’s new?

Things have been going on like this for ages. WHy is this so deffirent? America has been paranoid since 9/11 and sudelny shit like this matters. So this is a big deal, just in case you didn’t know. Let’s all give our shout outs to those poor inoocent dudes in Texas who haven’t had the love in a while.

Why must you be the lone star state Texas? Maybe we’d give care more if you changed your motto.

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