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Parks and Recreation Episodes | Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars (Video)

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Parks and Recreation Episodes | Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars (Video)

Oh yes, cue the Star Wars intro and then move on to the reason why over a million people actually like this. It’s got nothing to do with Star Wars. A filibuster? Awesome! Let the filibustering begin!

In the summer of 2015 we will see the release of Star Wars 7. So it’s barely a entirely different movie then old Star Wars releases. Okay, let’s try and understand what this dude is saying….he’s hilarious, as a comedian that is. Why is he in this show? It downplays his humor!

He’s just as nerdy as usual but man, I want more witty comedy goin’ on! But the gems goin’ on…the time gem, the mind gem, the reality gem…so this will be our release from the mind to reality! Tony Shark? That’s not his real name right?

He means Tony Stark right? I could be wrong. But Spiderman is featured her. Nice. I love Spiderman. And Wrath of the Titans? Brilliant.

Chubaka has a severed head? It’s about time this junk gets gory. Point is, everyone who watches this show is nerdy as hell and we’re ready for some hard core stuff. Bring it on!!!

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