She’s done it again! With her crazy antics and fugly face, Chelsea says it perfectly, “She’s starting to look like a cross between Lady Gaga and a Mexican.” To think kids used to idolize this girl when she was so cute and funny….this happens to all child stars though, so what’s really the surprise here?

FIrst off: is she in some kind of contest with who can bring the most attention by disgusting outlandish behavior with Lindsay Lohan? Two: Yes, it does look like Drake murdered her face and Lil Wayne is having his famous seizure. Three: “She’s going out on a Monday night? That’s kinda sad.”

And finally: Is it true that she could just be trolling the media with her depraved behavior? No one can say for certain because she seems to have cut her ties with her parents and is either going dark the dark road of repuation self-mutilation or she knows exactly what she’s doing and pranking us all.

I doubt this girl is really that intelligent. We always give celebrities the benefit of the doubt…but trash-talking Kid Cudi? THAT’S WHERE I DRAW THE LINE! He wrote the best stoner music I’ve heard since Lil’ Wayne and 36 Mafia! At least he worked for his fame and money without having to stoop this low for some attention. One Word: Maniac.

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