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Hilarious FLASHBACK ATTACK Video by WongFuProductions!

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Hilarious FLASHBACK ATTACK Video by WongFuProductions!

This is exactly I think about every time something real shitty happens. What if I could rewind my memory…so that even the shitty moments are actually incredibly funny instead! Oh no….it’s happening!!!

This does help explain why someone would really be terrified of bears though…actually this would explain why people are afraid of a lot of things! Funny how life works ahahahaha!

“Why does Chris have a book about pole dancing?” Because it’s hot that’s why! And I bet he’s getting more poo-tang than the rest of you. Though of course, the nerdy Asian look works wonders with white chicks in America…especially if you really are smart. 5 years after college: Money Money!!! Holla!!!

I too am afraid of eating wild blueberries in the woods…of course by blueberries I mean mushrooms…and when those babies go down, it gets wayyy freakier than zombies. But maybe that’s just because a few years ago…that totally happened.

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