What Will Life Be Like Under Barack Obama? (Comedy Video) | Welcome To Obamatopia

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There’s a strong possibility that Barack Obama will be the next President Of The United States Of America. If the polls are to be believed then it’s highly likely to become reality on Tuesday night.

But the question faced by all floating voters still undecided about who’ll they’ll vote for is: what will life be like under Obama? This video attempts an answer.

Yes, under Obama, you can stay in hospital for years and have a tiny bill to pay. War will be a thing of the past, as will cancer after Obama himself finds the cure.

Religious zealots will also be gone, replaced instead by every single man, woman, and child believing in the new Jesus Christ, Barack Obama!

Okay, so it’s a spoof playing on the policies Obama has spouted and how some people consider him as the second coming. In all probability, he’ll end up being just like every other President, achieving very little.

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