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Extreme Wheelchair Videos | WheelChair Stunts, Sports, Flips, Hiking & Racing

Awesome Videos to Watch Now

Extreme Wheelchair Videos | WheelChair Stunts, Sports, Flips, Hiking & Racing

Wheelchair Back Flip I was amazed to see what some of these guys can do in a wheelchair in these YouTube videos. Pure adrenaline packed action where you wouldn’t expect it. It sure does make me feel a little embarrassed that I struggle to keep myself from falling off a skateboard while these guys pull off hardcore wheelchair stunts and activities. I’ve got complete respect for these guys, especially the stunts from the first and second extreme stunt wheelchair videos.

Wheelchair Stunt Video

This is a great video compilation of wheelchair stunts and tricks. I watched this in awe of the skills and bravery on display, as I couldn’t do any of them. These guys hold their own against any skaters or bikers I’ve seen.

Wheelchair Back Flip

This kid is too cool for school. He’s only 14 but he does something which would quite literally scare the shit out of me. I like the way this video builds up to the stunt, although why David Bowie is the soundtrack I don’t know.

Fourcross Wheelchair Racing

Fourcross racing is a new extreme sport for wheelchair users, and this short video gives a good introduction to it. The wheelchairs are obviously specially adapted to travel across all terrains, and it gives the wheelchair user much more leeway to travel anywhere.

Wheelchair Hiking

This guy hikes (if that’s the word?) through a national park in New Zealand. I wouldn’t even want to attempt this able bodied, let alone in a wheelchair. I love the viewpoint from the wheelchair, it gave me a sense of what a feat this must have been.

Wheelchair Ride Of A Lifetime

This one isn’t quite like the rest of the videos, because the guy in the wheelchair didn’t actually choose to take part in the life threatening activity. But, at the end of it he was fine, and he got to participate in ‘the wheelchair ride of a lifetime’. Watching and compiling these videos has given me a new view on people in wheelchairs. Ok, most of them don’t do anything as extreme as this, but still, the fact it’s possible makes all the difference.
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  7. b la

    September 26, 2007 at 4:42 am


  8. Steve

    September 26, 2007 at 8:12 am

    Totally brilliant =] loved the wheel hair backflip

  9. raul ospina

    February 19, 2011 at 9:57 am

    I am making a project in sports for disable people and this videos about extreme sports for people with some sort of dissabilities are truly inspirational!!

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