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When Great White Sharks Attack (Vid)

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When Great White Sharks Attack (Vid)

Planet Earth, a newer TV series, highlights the many delicate ecosystems that comprise our planet, and has some of the most incredible footage of nature’s power, monstrosity and grace.

This series was 5 years in the making, just sending videographers all over the country to sit for hours, and days, just to capture a 30 second moment in time.

This video clip featuring Great White Sharks attacking its primary prey, seals, showcases the creature’s incredible strength and ferocity.

On average, Great White Sharks weigh in at around 3,000-5,000 lbs. and are around 13-15 feet in length. To get enough velocity to get its entire body out of the water in pursuit of its prey is a true demonstration of raw strength and power, and firmly secures its position as king of the seas.

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