I suspect everyone in the world is the same when it comes to getting up in the morning. Oh, some people will jump out enthusiastic for the day ahead but they’re just kidding themselves. They, like the rest of us, really just want another hour in our pit.

With that in mind, this video shows one possible solution to the problem of getting out of bed in the morning. We’ve already seen the biggest alarm clock in the world, and now here is the loudest.

This is actually a how to video showing every step along the way of creating this king of alarm clocks. So if you have the desire and technical ability to mimic this guy’s effort then you should have no problem.

The end of the video proves the alarm clock with two car horns works as the guy literally jumps out of bed. The problem is I’d assume a car had driven into my bedroom and I’d probably soil my pants. Not the best way to wake up in the world every morning.

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