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When I was growing up I always wondered how cool it would be to be older. Looking back, I realize that it isn’t your age that matters, it’s what you do that counts. And these 5 kids are prime examples of that. They aren’t just cute, they’re extremely talented too. Each has their own special ability that rivals the skills of any adult.

None of them are over the age of ten, yet I guarantee you’ll be dropping your jaw when you see them playing pool or jamming on the guitar. After viewing these videos you’ll come to the sad, but true, realization that mommy lied when she said you were “special”.

Rubik’s Cube Kid

This 6 year old may not be able to multiply numbers, but he’s able to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s cube faster than anyone I’ve seen. Little Chun Hoo Ulf Wong can solve the puzzle in a stunning 37.89 seconds. Imagine if he had bigger hands!

Trick Shot Tyke

7-year-old Landon Shuffet, like other kids his age, loves to play games. However, I don’t think any of his friends come close to his pool skills. Turning pro doesn’t seem to be a challenge for this trick shot tyke.

Indian Boy Speaks 13 Languages?

This Indian child claims to speak 13 languages. When a skeptical tourist asks him to speak some, he blows him away. Just from selling to tourists, he has picked up French, Italian, German, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and more.

Boy Impresses Ronaldinho

Brazilian pro soccer player Ronaldinho may be known around the world, but Cristian Ceballos is known in Barcelona for being a hometown hero. Often called “the boy wonder”, he has been training with pro soccer players for years.

Guitar Prodigy

This boy can ‘t be older than 8 years old and he’s already better than most players 3x his age! In the beginning he used advanced hammeron and pulloff techniques, then switches to strumming near the end. There is a slight lag on with the sound, but make no mistake, this is the real deal.

There you have it, the most amazing kids around the world. If you’re like me, you’ll feel as if you have a lot of catching up to do. If any of these amazing kids become famous years later, just remember you saw them here first on WebTvHub.

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