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X Factor 4 Judges Find Out Their Category Video | Dannii Is Happy, Louis Not So Much


X Factor 4 Judges Find Out Their Category Video | Dannii Is Happy, Louis Not So Much

We’re now heading towards the live finals stage of The X Factor 4 UK series. This is either when the show properly starts or the boring bit after watching all the terrible singers depending on your point of view.

But before the chosen 6 contestants in each category can start crapping themselves every Saturday night as they get voted off the show one by one by an unforgiving public, the judges needed to be assigned their categories.

Simon Cowell went first and was quite pleased to be assigned the groups. Then Sharon Osbourne bagged the girls, and was ultra pleased. Then waste of space Dannii Minogue (harsh but true) found out she had the boys… uh huh and was a bit too pleased for my liking.

Which just leaves us with Louis Walsh, the moaning leprechaun, who obviously ended up with the Over 25s. Okay, there is some crap in this group (what is that East European guy doing getting this far!) but his reaction still sucked.

Way to go Louis, make your contestants feel wanted why don’t you. Even if he’d stayed silent, it was patently obvious by his body language that he was miffed.

Now bring it on, I want to see people failing to live up to expectations on live television and making prats of themselves. It all starts this Saturday on ITV1 folks.

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  1. Dannii u rule

    October 13, 2007 at 5:51 am

    Dannii minogue is NOT a waste of space.!!!!!!!

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