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X-Gamer Jake Brown Endures Huge Big Air Crash (Vid)

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X-Gamer Jake Brown Endures Huge Big Air Crash (Vid)

When I first saw this on TV, I was shocked and terrified for this poor skater. This is Jake Brown, well-known in the world of skateboarding and X-Games.

This event took place at the beginning of August, and Jake is participating in the Big Air event, where, you guessed it, the goal is to get as much “air” as is humanely possible.

Humanely… After landing a massive 720, Jake attempts his second stunt when he hits the half pipe at the wrong angle and gets dumped out far away from his starting point. Apparently he fell around 50 feet before landing.

I thought for sure he would have broke both of his ankles, but he somehow it able to actually stand up and walk away. Skateboarding is definitely a daring and dangerous sport.

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