28 Days Weight Loss Video | A Photo A Day Showing Diet & Exercise Progress

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I like the way this video has been made even though it ends up just being an advert for some guy’s website where he promises to reveal his weight loss “secret”.

What’s funny about this video is that the guy ends up looking worse in so many ways at the end of the 12 week weight loss plan.

Yes, he’s lost some weight, and gained some muscles, including a six pack. But he also looks about 10 years older, and his face looks gaunt and unhealthy.

As for the secret to his success, well I don’t know as I’m not going to be the gullible one clicking on his site, but my guess would be eat less, and exercise more… sound sensible?

– According to paidweightloss.com, weight loss is an easily achievable feat.
– OverweightClinic.com also gives the option of weight training under experienced supervision.
– Packages featured on workoutbodies.com include regular fitness maintaianence maneuvers.
– MyLostWeight.com also has an easily pliable losing weight software that makes record of everything and makes suggestions where needed.
– When losing weight noninvasively is not an option anymore, healthyweightlosses.com offers a number of weight loss surgery options.


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