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Watch hilarious “Honest Trailers” video! | The Hunger Games

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Watch hilarious “Honest Trailers” video! | The Hunger Games

“This summer, get ready for the poorly directed movie adaptation of the young adult phenomenon that ISN’T about vampires! In a distopian future, where society dresses like 2nd rate Lady Gagas….” and kids learn how to frost cakes? Don
‘t forget the Cheap looking CGI fire, and completely emotionless line delivery.

It totally forces actors to awkwardly fall in love… they live in a future that is so advanced, they can conjure fire and make monster dogs but not make food for the poor.

Not starring these important parts from the book: political and social satire, the actual mythology that relates to the context of the book…oh yes, and the actual hunger because pay attention; they all look way too well fed.

And stop being ignorant. It IS a rip off of the better Japanese hit film/ book Battle ROyale! I’m so freakin happy to hear other people understand! Stop ripping foreign films off America! You’re not getting any better at it!

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