5 Pizza making videos | create a homemade pizza

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Pizza PictureI was feeling a bit adventurous yesterday and decided to learn how to make a Pizza from scratch. So I put on my Chef hat and went searching around for some videos that would show me how to make a homemade pizza.

I found quite a few pizza making videos and I’ve selected the best of them and put them here:

Pizza making video 1 | How to make the Dough

Pizza making video 2 | How to Make Pizza Dough: Recipe Basics

Quick Hint: Once you have prepared your pizza dough you can freeze it. Just freeze individual portions and wrap them tightly in saran (clingfilm) so that every bit of the pizza dough surface is touching the wrap.

Pizza making video 3 | Making Pizza with Joe Rigs

Here you see 3 different types of pizzas being made.

Pizza making video 4 | Making Pizza to some soul music

Pizza making video 5 | Making Vegan Pizza

Hopefully those videos should see you through cooking your first home-made pizza. The only tricky bit really is making the dough, but even that is pretty easy. You can easily make 4 medium sized pizzas for less than a $1US each if you make a few each time, and you can always freeze them if you don’t want to cook them right away.

Your shopping list for 5 basic cheap pizzas:

  • 5 peppers – $3 (only need 3 for 5 pizzas): $1.80
  • 250g of Cheese (good for 5 pizzas): $2.50
  • Thin sliced salami (good for 5 medium pizzas): $1
  • Tomato Puree 200g (good for 5 pizzas): $0.50
  • 1.5KG of flour: $0.5
  • Yeast 50g: $0.5
  • You’ll need a bit of oil but that’s pretty cheap anyway and you don’t need much.

That comes to: $1.36 per pizza

If you look for special deals you can get ingredients even cheaper.

And if that is not enough for you then here are some more pizza recipes for you to try.

More Pizza videos and links

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