6 Funny Animated George W. Bush Videos | A Montage of Cartoon Comedy

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George W. Bush, the sweet old war-loving president of the USA will probably go down in the history books as the most “animated” American president; that is, right after the dumbest of course.


Surely we’ve seen cartoon and animation clips of other presidents; and even in the hilarious comedy ‘Lil Bush , a whole bushel (hardy har har) of American political heads take a beating. But none of these other talking heads are the star of their own show… or two or three.

At the constant end of jokes and blame (and not without good cause), George Bush is surely the top dope when we look at all the dopes in the political system.

The thing that still astonishes me the most is how this guy got elected the second time around. Sheep. But those same voters have since then jumped the fence and ripped those good ol’ “W” stickers off their cars.

Well, at least we have a wonderfully long line-up of animated cartoon spoofs to laugh about.

George Bush Drunk on American Dad

Quit alcohol 10 years ago my a… Oh. Let me not regress; I’ll just tell you that the one-and-only President Dubya visited the family on Fox’s American Dad and met their alien secret, Roger. The president is choking and Roger serves him what he considers the “best” something to drink – alcohol. For some reason, I didn’t notice much of a difference in George’s behavior. Huh, go figure.

Comedy Central’s “‘Lil Bush”

George Bush is the only president I’m aware of with an entire adult cartoon series dedicated to him. This is the post-show press conference that one would see following a show of ’Lil Bush, so it is a mini-clip. But it sure does give you a rich taste for the flavor of this TV show.

President Bush Hunts Osama Bin Laden

Dubya is ready for war, and he brings it on dressed in his cowboy chaps and hat. Can’t forget the cliché “hee haw” as well, which is Dubya’s signature slogan as he embarks upon his hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Gee, I wonder who’s going to come out on top in this fight.

Now, President Bush Hunts Sadam Hussein

We all know this Saddam is who he was really after. Now it is more like, Osama Bin Who? Actually, this president’s heart belongs to war, so it doesn’t matter who the enemy is, so long as he can point his weapons and fire them, from a distance that is. He wouldn’t actually want to break a nail.

George Bush on Robot Chicken

And last, but surely not least, here is good ol’ dubya made into a doll by those cool dudes over at Robot Chicken. This first video is a George Bush parody to the theme of Star Wars. Now that is a scary thought, Dubya with the power of the force!? That’s truly something to scream about.

And Dubya gets a letter from Daddy saying he can’t come out and play “war” in Iraq. So sorry. Maybe next week.

Snide.TV Bush Looks for a Job

Well, the president is counting the days until his last day in office, when he can dump all the burdens he’s brought to the American public on the next person to take a seat in the Oval Office. He’s beginning to think about what he will do next and starts a little job hunt.

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