9 Year-Old Love Doctor Video | ‘How to Talk to Girls’ Alec Greven Interviewed By Conan

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Here’s one 9 year-old kid that isn’t concerned about digging his way to China or being infected with cooties. Alec Greven has a way with the ladies- and his new book ‘How To Talk To Girls’ might even be able to help you.

That is, if you’re still in 3rd grade.

It all started then Alec was 8. Instead of focusing on dinosaurs or Christopher Columbus, he decided to write his class assignment about his observations between how boys and girls interact at his age. Granted, he gathered all his research from his local playground.

Even so, the book soon became a hit at his school and he eventually found his way to the Ellen Degenerous show. On the spot, Ellen arranged for the boy’s book to be published by the same company that publishes childrens’ novels like ‘The Chronicles of Narnia!’

The rest is history.


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