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A Bad Day In The Office Video | Um, Yea, It’s Not Ok

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A Bad Day In The Office Video | Um, Yea, It’s Not Ok

I’ve definitely had my bad days in the office, especially when you are forced to be a cubicle rat and work on the first computer that came out in 1985, in 2007. And, I’ve definitely had my moments where I wanted to chuck something at a co-worker or better yet, chuck my computer out the window, but I never acted upon it.

But, these surveillance cameras catch these office rats in the act of destroying company property after that computer froze on them one too many times, or that damn ancient printer spit its last crappy copy out.

These workers likely didn’t have a job after acting out on these impulses, but it is still quite amusing to watch. Annoying co-workers, damned computers and cubicle walls can drive any decent person insane.

Sadly, corporations do nothing to make a better work environment, as they will cost cut wherever they can, and why not pick on the poor rats. Typical.

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