Alex Ferguson Caught Out Video | Man Utd Boss Bans Reporter For Mentioning Ryan Giggs

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Ryan Giggs has been in the news a lot this week. No idea why. But according to his Man Utd manager Alex Ferguson that means his name cannot even pass the lips of journalists at his press conference, even if the question was actually about the team and the upcoming game.

After the question is asked he whispers to the press officer asking who the reporter was. When he finds out who he is and that he’s coming to another press conference on Friday he says, “Then we’ll get him, we’ll ban him on Friday.”

And that for merely mentioning the name of a player in the team. There was no mention of the other thing Giggs has been in the news for this week, so why the banning? It’s pure vengeance.

I already couldn’t stand Alex Ferguson, but this has lowered my opinion of him by several more notches. When he retires I think I’ll throw a party to celebrate.


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