Amazing Ping Cup Tricks Video | Skillfully Getting Ping Pong Balls In To Cups

36 sec read

I first watched this video thinking it would be rubbish, I mean how hard is it to get a ping pong ball in a cup eh?

How wrong was I? I mean, some of these shots are amazing, requiring skill, patience and an incredible amount of luck.

I actually wonder how many takes some of these shots took.

I can imagine some of the more obtuse and difficult shots taking a couple of hours and many many failed attempts before securing that one which actually hit the target.

Watching this video did actually freak me out a couple of times, chiefly when they repeated the best shots but in slow motion.

They did that whole slowed down thing, and the voices at that point reminded me of something from a Stephen King film!

I might have a go at this tomorrow, all I need is a couple of ping pong balls, a glass and a huge amount of patience. Nope, I only have one of those so maybe not.


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