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Apple iPhone Video | Video of a Guy Begging for One

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Apple iPhone Video | Video of a Guy Begging for One

We’d all like an Apple iPhone wouldn’t we? No? Well Ok, but some of us would. I’m not so desperate enough for one that I’d take my daughter out on the street and beg for money to buy one. If I had a daughter of course, which I don’t… ermm anyway.

Obviously this didn’t actually happen, instead it’s an attempt at comedy by a guy desperate enough to get an iPhone that he’s set up a website to beg for money. Is that actually any better than begging on the street and using your kid as bait?

The little girl is actually the real star of this sketch, with her making it funny by the expressions which cross her face. The guy just looks like a fool really.

I do like the way the different tips and methods for getting money for your cause flash across the bottom of the screen throughout. A boring sob story always works well, just look out for the suckers, there’s one born every second.

The thing is, taking a look at his site, you can see he has actually had people donate money to the cause… unbelievable I know. I suppose that proves the power of YouTube!

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