Best Football Celebration Video | Icelandic Soccer Team Reel In A Big Human Fish

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It doesn’t matter how obscure the football match is, how poor the teams playing may be, or how decidedly average the goal scored is, it can all be put right by an original and fun goal celebration.

Which is a description perfectly suited to this video.

The game is Stjarnan against Fylkir in the premier Icelandic league. Halldor Orri scores a cocky penalty and decides to stage one of the most original goal celebrations I’ve ever seen.

He starts fishing and catches a whopper almost immediately. His name is Johann Laxdal, otherwise known as Johann the Salmon. And as he’s reeled in he wriggles on the line exactly like a frisky fish.

The clip ends with the rest of his teammates holding Johann up and posing with their record catch. Genius.


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