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Celebrity Catfight | Rosie and Elizabeth Explode on The View

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Celebrity Catfight | Rosie and Elizabeth Explode on The View

Talk about cat fights… here’s the infamous clip from The View, where Rosie O’Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselbeck really duke it out. The question is: what the hell are they arguing about?

It seems to be a political debate, but both of them take it to a personal level almost immediately.

Rosie claims Elizabeth never defended her views from a previous show, Elizabeth tells her she should stand up for herself instead of expecting her to defend her, but what’s the real issue at stake?

Supporting the troops in Iraq? Whether or not we believe the facts? What the heck ARE the facts?

If you want to see two women yelling at each other, with two more women stuck in the middle begging the directors to go to commercial, check out this clip. Some call it “great television.”

I’d call it sad, both because these women can’t seem to have a political discussion without making it into a personal attack (remember kids: the personal may always be political, but not vice-versa!), but also because Rosie seems so worried about what people say about her that she’s become a stereotype: the angry lesbian.

Rosie, just let it go. Elizabeth, quit defending the status quo!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Casey

    December 12, 2007 at 11:53 am

    I have honestly stopped watching the show because Elizabeth is always arguing with everybody. I’m tired of hypocrisy, she uses her show as a personal forum, and always is “preaching”, and she never lets anyone speak, she just barks and acts all self righteous. I’m done. that girl needs to be taken off the air. I hope more people wander away and the rates go down until she is gone from the show. That show is suppose to be about the view of four women, its all about Elizabeth and thats just narrow minded, because you can’t have a conversation and hear people if you have to try to talk over her yelling. Geez lady practice some deep breathing, and stop throwing your temper tantrums.

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