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Classic Tire Slasher FAIL Video | Karma Blows


Classic Tire Slasher FAIL Video | Karma Blows

This is what should happen every time someone tries to slash someone else’s tires. Karma.

This video shows some guy nonchalantly walking up to the rear of a vehicle and attempting to slash one of its back tires with a knife. Why? We don’t know, but surely there is no justification for such mindless vandalism.

Clearly the universe agrees, putting its foot down hard with a scary case of karma. You burst someone’s tires, the tires will burst your flesh in return. He stabs, the tire blows, he ends up bleeding and in lots of pain.

I’m assuming that because of the size of the vehicle the tire pressure was higher than a normal car. Hence the sudden release of air that was enough to knock this guy flying, take his shirt off, and damage his arm all at the same time.

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