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CNET Gives AppleTV a Bad Review

Apple TV

CNET Gives AppleTV a Bad Review

AppleTVThe AppleTV was given a bad review on the Australian CNET website leaving it one of the worst rated media extenders by

The AppleTV basically allows you to connect your PC or Mac wirelessly to your TV so you can watch and listen to music and video from your PC or Mac. I was also disappointed with the AppleTV and personally think there are better products out there.

According to CNET the Helios X5000 HD Network Media Player, HP MV2020 Media Vault and Netgear EVA700 Digital Entertainer are all better devices.

Here is the summary from CNET:

The good:

  • Well built
  • Great interface

The bad:

  • Limited format compatibility — no DivX
  • Lack of iTunes video content
  • Unable to make playlists
  • Limited onboard storage means PC or Mac needs to stay on
  • Cannot sync iPod

The bottomline:

A lack of playable formats and limited functionality really stunts the appeal of the otherwise elegant Apple TV. Read our Australian review.


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