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Cool and Awesome Video: The World’s Most Dangerous Things To Humans

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Cool and Awesome Video: The World’s Most Dangerous Things To Humans

There is danger around every corner. But have you noticed it’s mainly in foreign countries where this even occurs? Well, I would say, either Americans are ignorant of their country’s own problems or….yeah, that’s mainly what I’m trying to get at.

Who has the most shark attacks you ask? SOuth Africa, Australia, and what’s that, you say? Florida? I wonder why…..all those ignorant morons eating meat and BBQ close b a beach to attract some predators. So surfing, maybe that will do you a world of good.

With 663 shark attacks reported in the past century, maybe you’ll get lucky! And yet, what is truly the deadliest creature in the world? The mosquito!? Who knew. West Nile virus is just a cold after all. I mean it’s only 2-3 million deaths per year with those buzzards.

Let’s try the deadliest city! Sand Pedro Sula, Honduras. To be honest I wouldn’t have guessed that. However, South and Central America are notorious for crazy deaths and fatal happenings. They are exotic in the most versatile of ways.

SO where would you rather live now? Death is all around us. Just take your pick. It’s bound to happen sometime right?


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