Criss Angel TV Commercial Video | Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Bag to Bowl Trick

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Criss Angel… who he? Apparently some kind of mindfreak. Or just a freak, perhaps. I can at least imagine myself going for a drink with Derren Brown, but Criss Angel? No, I’ll pass, thanks.

Until today I had never heard of Criss Angel, at least as far as I can remember. Which suggests he’s not as world-famous as his publicists would like you to believe. He’s actually a bit of a dick.

Oh come on. He’s taken David Blaine’s act and added a supposed air of emo mystery to it. Even though he is 43-years-old and really should know better.

This commercial, and the fact he did it in the first place, tells me all I need to know about Criss Angel. Was he that short of cash he needed to do a cheesy commercial for popcorn? Or just pure greed?

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