Deadly Virus on the loose! (Video) | Guanarito Virus

36 sec read

Don’t start panicking now! There’s just a vial containing a deadly virus missing from a Texas research facility. When did it happen? Saturday. What exactly is so deadly about this virus? It can cause hemorrhagic fever.

It’s name is the Guanarito virus. And it’s probably going to spread like the new plague. But no big deal. No one else is freaking out about it just yet so why start now?

So due to the fact that there was no security breech, a lot of really official lookin’ people are just writing it off as some more than likely irresponsible lab cleaning. The vial probably shattered to a million pieces…making it air-born and all that jazz. Let’s all greet the next Zombie apocalypse with more gusto and brains than World War Z shall we?

In this day and age, I’d say we’re all likely to be Resident Evil heroes. What else are zombie movies for anyway besides to train us for the real deal. The time is now!

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