Digg Dialogg Video Interview With Nancy Pelosi At DNC | User Submitted Questions

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Digg is a social media community which lets users choose the best stories on the Internet and then vote them up and down. The site’s new initiative is called Digg Dialogg.

Digg Dialogg basically gives interviews vack to the people, with questions submitted by ordinary people and then voted up or down in the same way as stories are.

This CNN video shows the first Digg Dialogg interview, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being asked the top rated user-submitted questions at the Democratic National Convention.

Some of the questions are hard-hitting, and some are personal, but all of them make her squirm in her seat, which is what I want to see happen to politicians.

Digg Dialogg is a brilliant idea, and after the success of this first interview, I hope there are more to come. The only problem may be finding high-profile victims willing to be grilled in this way.

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