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‘Digits’ Web Series Shows Pick-Up Tactics | How To Get Girls’ Phone Numbers


‘Digits’ Web Series Shows Pick-Up Tactics | How To Get Girls’ Phone Numbers


Guys, lets face it. Getting a hot girl’s phone number can be one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome on a night out. ‘Digits’ is a show that knows this and even aims to help you “get some digits.”

Even if you don’t find the info useful there’s plenty of eye candy and awkward moments to laugh at.


Each episode of Digits focuses on a new exercise that guys can practice when they’re out. While some are harder than others, most of them are designed to be purposely uncomfortable. One episode, for example, features a guy getting rejected 30 times!

The thing I love about this show is that it captures really awkward situations and some unbelievably creative scenarios on hidden camera. I can’t help but cheer for the guy when he actually gets some digits, however, having been a victim of the “fake phone number” myself, I wonder how many of them are real.

‘Digits’ Preview

This is a compilation of season one where an italian model was sent to try and pick up girls digits. It should be noted that the new season features more guys with different personalities- not everyone is as forward as this guy.

[Watch ‘Digits’ Here]

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