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Download Movies Cheaply With Zml | The Not Altogether Legal AllOfMp3 For Movie Lovers


Download Movies Cheaply With Zml | The Not Altogether Legal AllOfMp3 For Movie Lovers

Zml LogoAnyone who has any interest in digital music, and has been following the rise of legal, and not so legal means of downloading it, will have heard of

The site was a mecca for people who wanted to pay cheaply to download music to their PC, but as with all good ideas, it was eventually shut down for not being 100% legal.

Despite the disappearance of AllOfMp3, a new cousin of the site has now cropped up, this time allowing people to download movies for just a few dollars a piece.

Important Integral Features

The site is called ZML, and offers the same ease of use, affordability, and choice which were such integral features of its musical brethren.

You first have to register an account on the site, and fill in a short profile. Then you must pre-load your account with tokens before being able to download any of the 1,500 (and rising) titles available.

This is all done by use of a separate, secure site, which allows you to use your credit card to purchase the option to download. There is also a brilliant alternative where you use your mobile phone to purchase credits instead.

Once the money part is out of the way, you are free to explore the site, and take your pick from the many films on offer. There is a good selection of both old classics, and modern up to date blockbusters to choose from.

Download Movies Cheaply With Zml | The Not Altogether Legal AllOfMp3 For Movie Lovers

Choice Not A Problem

Some which immediately took my fancy were the brilliant Transformers, The Bourne Ultimatum, and The Matrix Trilogy. Each of the movies is DRM-free, and costs between $1.99 and $4.99 depending on your choice of format.

As I mentioned earlier, choice isn’t a problem with this site, as most movies offer you the opportunity to purchase your film in high resolution DVD quality, standard DivX format, or even Apple iPod format.

The URL you are given to begin your download is valid for two weeks, meaning you aren’t rushed to complete download, and can wait until a time which suits you.

At busy times of the day, the site can be slow, but the Purchase History page allows you to resume a download from any point, meaning that shouldn’t be much of a worry for anyone other than speed freaks.


The quality of the movies seem good, and certainly on a par with any more conventional sites which offer similar services (though more expensive, and obviously more legal).

On a pure personal level I would recommend this site highly, as you can download movies easily and cheaply, but it depends how ethical and moral you find the idea of doing so.


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