Electrocution Prank Video | Almost Craps Pants Seeing Friend Being Electrocuted

26 sec read

The “electrician” in this video obviously likes to scare the pants off of his friends!

Watch as the buddy about to be tricked stands, patiently eating a banana and holding a flashlight for his good friend, the amateur electrician. The prankster is fiddling with a light switch and looks like he has no idea what he’s doing.

The shocking part happens quickly, so pay attention! Suddenly, the amateur electrician starts shaking and moaning. He’s convulsing as if he’s being electrocuted! Also, there are some nifty electric sound effects being played at the same time!

The electrician’s friend almost chokes on his banana and drops his flashlight. Realization slowly dawns on his face as his “electrocuting” friend starts laughing hysterically.


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