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Facebook Diaries Launches | 8 Intimate Episodes to Screen by October

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Facebook Diaries Launches | 8 Intimate Episodes to Screen by October


Facebook and Ziddio have just launched their joint venture in the form of Facebook Diaries, a project that was first announced in February this year.

The series features video diary entries from Facebook users’, each sharing a common theme. The delicate documents are stitched together in a way that conveys an intimate insight into the lives of the social networking site’s members.

The first episode entitled ‘Who Am I?’ presents young people questioning their place in the world and their own wildly varying personal situations. The stream also features other user-created videos and performances from upcoming singers and bands.

‘Who Am I?’ is the first of 8 twenty-minute episodes that will be broadcasted every Thursday for the next two months – and should you wish to, it isn’t too late to submit a video of your own for consideration.

From what we’ve seen so far, R.J. Cutler of Actual Reality Pictures demonstrates a well-considered skill for piecing the numerous individuals’ video blogs together in what turns out to be a moving and thoughtful 20-minute watch.

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