Floppy Disk “Hack” For Trekkies Video | Build A Mini Starship Enterprise

30 sec read

Great news! If you’re a fan of Star Trek, those dusty floppy disks you might have packed away somewhere are now somewhat useful.

Using nothing but the metal parts of a floppy disk, some clear string, and scissors, you can create a miniature model of the Starship Enterprise.

It must have taken a really hardcore Trekkie to come up with this “hack,” but you have to hand it to them, the model looks a lot like the USS Enterprise:

With the new release of Star Trek, I assume there will be more casual Star Trek fans than ever before. So, as long as you get away with building your model in the next month or so, you can probably get away with not being called a nerd.

Remember, this isn’t exactly a trick to impress the ladies with at the office.


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