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Funny Stoned College Professor Video | 50 Year Old Teacher On Drugs

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Funny Stoned College Professor Video | 50 Year Old Teacher On Drugs

“Kids, don’t do drugs!” Isn’t that the message teachers give in elementary school? Apparently, the same can’t be said for this college professor, who is obviously high out of his mind in this video.

So this is where all of our tax money is going.

Our education system is going to hell. First we get a rapping teacher, and now a teacher that smokes weed! At first I thought he was just explaining things to a slower class. But after seeing him lay back screaming, “Ahhhhgg!” I realized that even Special Ed students would notice this.

This is actually the last part of the longer (and much less entertaining) “Stoned Teacher” video. Sure, you could watch all 4 minutes of the original, but after a while, everyone gets sick of stoners.

Best Of The Stoned Teacher

The original Stoned Teacher video is over 4 minutes long, so instead of wasting all that time to get to the funny parts, you can see the best bits in this video. Think of it as the Stoned Teacher’s “best of” compilation.

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