Funny Takeoff of Apple Commercials | iPod vs. Cell Phone (Vid)

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Of course, the original Apple commercials (see below) pit the all-powerful Mac against the puny and boring PC. Macs know how to have fun, with music and movies, while PCs only understand fun in pie charts and graphs.

Quite a marketing strategy there, but it would be fun to see it from a satirical side. These videos flip the jest to poke fun at Apple’s iPod, comparing it to the instant and anywhere capabilities of cell phones today.

And in this clip, we catch a glimpse of the latest accessory made just for the iPod.

I love the pink jacket; I think the fad will catch on quick. Although I half expect the “iPod” to break out in dance like a similar looking guy from the Six Flags commercials, if ya know what I mean.

Check out a couple of the originals

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