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Tommy Tuberville Interview Video | Auburn Coach Nearly One Month Before Being Fired

Obviously you weren’t desperate enough to play better and win some games… Rumors that have been floating around were cleared up...
24 sec read

Georgia Tech Fight Song Video With Lyrics | I’m a Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech

Not being American, or that interested in American football, I must admit that football fight songs, especially those to do with...
Dave Parrack
26 sec read

Bill Cosby Exhibiting Dementia On ESPN (Video) | Or Maybe He’s Just Drunk?

Bill Cosby is getting on a bit, being 71 years of age now. But he’s still being asked to appear on...
Dave Parrack
27 sec read

90 Year-Old Grandma Gets Tattoo Video | Poor Old Lady Or The Ultimate Steelers Fan?

If anything, it’s expected of most 90 year-olds to frown upon getting tattoos of any kind. Agnes Falls, on the other...
Iman Peera
24 sec read

Strange Touchdown Celebration | Spiderman And Football… I Don’t Get It

This Toronto Arognaut showoff, Arland Bruce, enacts a strange touchdown celebration that cost his team a penalty and made a lot...
Julie Popp
25 sec read

Amazing Football Touchdown Video | “Miracle in Mississippi” Must-See 15 Lateral Play

To be honest, I could never really get into American Football. Sure, I’ll watch the Super Bowl with some friends, but...
Iman Peera
23 sec read

ESPN2 Commentator Makes Offbeat Comment | “That’s Kinda Gay”

Wow, did anybody think to tell these announcers that they are on live TV? I’m surprised that knowing how sensitive the...
Julie Popp
33 sec read

Funny Football Commercial | Why You Shouldn’t Play Football on Muscle Relaxers

This commercial for a Canadian sports betting game would also make a good anti-drug ad. But no matter what it’s advertising,...
Kristy Pruitt
22 sec read

Female Football Tackler Packs A Punch | The PeeWee-er Struts Her Stuff During Practice (Vid)

I did hear of a female kicker on the University of Colorado Buffalo’s college football team (Katie Hnida?); but female players...
Julie Popp
29 sec read

NFL Videos

If you are football crazy then you are going to need your dose of NFL videos to kill some time until...
Chris Tew
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