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Lebron James Insane Dunk (Vid) | Lebron Makes Records This Past Weekend

With the playoffs just getting underway in the NBA, there are already big highlights hitting the reels and the internet. After...
Julie Popp
27 sec read

Amazing 540 Degree Basketball Dunk Video | Taurian Fontenette’s Trademark Dunk

Here at WebTvHub, we’ve shown you some pretty crazy basketball dunks. This one of streetballer Taurian Fontenette, also known as ‘The...
Iman Peera
21 sec read

Kobe Bryant Jumps Over Car Video | Amazing Stunt Real or Fake? Watch The First Take

To promote his new HyperDunk shoe, a video of the one-and-only Kobe Bryant has surfaced in which he appears to be...
Iman Peera
33 sec read

Funny Basketball Mascots Fighting Video | Mascot on Mascot Violence

Here at WebTvHub, we’ve seen our fair share of shameful sport fights, but this has to be the funniest one yet....
Iman Peera
28 sec read

Amazing Disabled Basketball Player Video | One-Armed Kid Shoots 3 Pointers

Porter Ellett isn’t like other basketball players his age. Sure, he can dribble the ball around almost any other player, score...
Iman Peera
19 sec read

Dwight Howard Wins Slam Dunk Contest | Proves That Superman Does Exist

At the end of the regular basketball season, there are all sorts of fun rallies. The Globetrotters usually come out, there...
Julie Popp
34 sec read

Crazy Tall Basketball Player Dunks Without Jumping | Wanna Be An 8 Foot Baller?

Sorry to say this, but if the game of basketball didn’t exist, this guy would be a total freak of nature....
Julie Popp
26 sec read

Awesome Basketball Trick Video | ‘The Human Basketball’ Girl Gets Dunked

So you thought you saw it all did you? You’ve already seen those amazing basketball shots made by a couple of...
Iman Peera
38 sec read

Amazing Basketball Shots Video | Check Out These Aspiring NBA Stars

This video of some kids making insane basketball shots is absolutely awesome. Whether they made them all on the first take...
Kristy Pruitt
37 sec read

NCAA Tournament Channel | Basketball highlights and video clips

CBS has launched a YouTube channel to show CBS Sports programming of NCAA game clips and highlights. Videos are uploaded in...
Chris Tew
15 sec read