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Gina Carano Vs. Julie Kedzie in Elite XC Fighting | The Women Have Entered the Cage

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Gina Carano Vs. Julie Kedzie in Elite XC Fighting | The Women Have Entered the Cage

If I recall correctly, Gina Carano has fought 4-5 times for the Elite XC, and is still undefeated. The night after getting her first submission win over Tonya Evinger, Gina took on Julie Kedzie, and this one was a fight for the records.

Although the fight with Tonya was interesting, it ended in the first round. At least Julie Kedzie helped her take it to the final round, even though she got her ass kicked!

Gina walks away from the fight with another win and a big smile, while Julie walks away with cuts, gashes and bruises. She really took the beating and this short clip demonstrates that.

All and all the fight lasted nearly 20 minutes, but I wouldn’t call it a fight as much as Julie taking hits from Gina and remaining upright. Both tough girls though, and finally showing the men what they are really made of.

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  1. Heidi T

    January 2, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Gina is a great fighter , she is my favorite men and women always will be. I saw both of the fights . They where both awsome. Just wanted to say that Gina is the best fight ever and I am one of her biggest fans.. My brother and I get in the back yard and fight with boxing gloves (HE WOULD KILL ME WITHOUT THE GLOVES) I always say I am Gina Carano…. My husband thinks I am crazy. Gina’s biggest fan

  2. Heidi T

    January 2, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Julie held her own put up a good fight but like I said Gina is the best

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