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Hilarious New K-Mart Commercial! | Ship My Pants (Video)

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Hilarious New K-Mart Commercial! | Ship My Pants (Video)

I just shipped by pants! How convenient! Oh yes, props to K-Mart for stepping up their game and throwing some humor into their commercials because we all know what that phrase is really saying.

If you listen very closer at time 0:22, she didn’t even try to say “ship.” That’s how brilliant this idea is. The fact that this is indeed a real commercial lets me know, stores are ready to do anything necessary to keep capitalism running and it is working juuust fine.

I Practically shipped my own pants while watching this. In fact, I’m going to find a Kmart and buy something there, just because those clever folks had the balls to put out this commercial. I may or may not be sarcastic about this. But that’s not the point, now is it?

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