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Hooking Up: HBO’s New Comedy Web Series | Starring LonelyGirl15 & PhillyD From YouTube

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Hooking Up: HBO’s New Comedy Web Series | Starring LonelyGirl15 & PhillyD From YouTube


LonelyGirl15 perhaps the most recognizable YouTube star, PhillyD (aka Philip DeFranco) is one of the most popular YouTube Vloggers, and Michael Buckly from What the Buck? is the most popular show on YouTube.

When HBO asked all of them to be in a web series together, one would only expect to have the ultimate online show.


“Hooking Up”, which is marketed toward college students, explores adventures that occur inside dorm rooms. Hence the phrase “You Don’t Learn everything in class.” A great concept, however, the sad truth is that it isn’t executed as well as it could be.

HBO Cutting Corners?

With HBO’s budget, you’d expect the web series to have professional editing and a great script at the very least. On the contrary, I’d say the editing is similar to a lot of other homemade shows on YouTube and most of the dialog sounds like lines rejected from an American Pie flick.

Still, with three of YouTube’s biggest stars, there are still bound to be thousands of viewers every week. HBO may be cutting corners, but they know viewers won’t care as long as their favorite YouTube stars are being themselves.

Episode 1: Learning Curve

This is the first episode that premiered today. Already it has gained nearly 70,000 views and nearly 15,000 subscribers. We’ll see how many of those stick around for the long haul.

[Watch “Hooking Up” on The Official Site]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David

    November 2, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    I sure will stick around for all of the ‘hooking up’ shows !!!
    Great job and great idea ….

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