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How Not To Drive Video | Handbrake FAIL!

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How Not To Drive Video | Handbrake FAIL!

I have never learned how to drive, which at 34-years-old is a little embarrassing. But there is so much to remember I’m not sure I could ever commit it all to memory.

Then again, some people seem to get away with making very basic mistakes…

It looks as though this car is being driven with its handbrake on. Either that or the wheel has locked for some reason. Whichever it is it’s frankly amazing the car is moving forward at all.

Surely the driver can feel the back of the car being dragged along? Surely they can feel the difference between driving it now with the back wheels locked and driving it previously with everything working correctly?

Therefore this isn’t technically a handbrake FAIL, instead being more of a driver FAIL. And a huge one at that.

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