Incredible Modern Art Video | Wild Kinetic Sculptor Interview

35 sec read

Kinetic sculptor Dale Jansen is an undeniable genius and modern day DaVinci. He is an inventor and artist, but most importantly he is a dreamer.

This short interview with him highlights some of his amazing wind-powered moving sculptures which look more like gigantic wooden colossi or some other type of fanciful creature.

The thing that is most incredible about his work is that it is so lifelike, even though it is entirely identifiable as artifice. His sculptures honestly do give the impression of being living, breathing creatures.

I think one of the most important qualities of his work is that it is so different from much of the other art that has been produced in recent years. So much art that is out there is very unaccessible for some people who find it, well, confounding to say the least.

However, Jansen’s work seems almost universal. I think his elegant yet whimsical work can inspire a range of emotions in just about anyone from wonder to laughter.

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