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Internet Entrepreneur Videos and TV Channels

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Start-up companies and internet entrepreneurs are increasingly using internet video to document their growth. Starting a new company is definitely an exciting time and these reality start-up documentaries/diaries are both interesting and educating.

On my travels around the web these are the ones that I found:

  • Can Google Hear Me – This video blog catches an entrepreneur right at the start of possibly something big. This guy took a plane to go hang out at Google until he got a meeting to discuss his idea. Now he has 6 months to get the company up and running and get a prototype of the mystery idea out there.
  • RockStartUp – This reality documentary follows the controversial start-up PayPerPost. PayPerPost has received a lot of bad press for encouraging bloggers to mislead their readers by not disclosing paid posts, this is especially bad when advertisers can request that you can’t say anything bad about their product. You can also see episodes of the show on YouTube.
  • JustinTV – This show is actually live and follows Justin Kan through his daily life. Justin is an internet entrepreneur who started an ill-fated calendar company, Kiko, which folded after Google Calendar was released. It only just went live on the 19th and Justin is starting a new company to make broadcasting live video on the web easy.
  • UStream TVThis show is pretty much the same idea as Justin TV, just a different guy with a different company that’s also doing the same thing. is a platform for 24/7 videos shows. It has launched a flagship show for the site which is called Liverazzi which is hosted by entrepreneur Johnny Ham. And who said entrepreneur’s have to be boring. The idea of this show is to go around and meet celebrities in L.A.
  • MojoPages: 30 days to launch – This show follows the team behind the community driven Yellow Pages online startup. It only consists of a handful of episodes but they are interesting to watch. I did a bit of digging on the founder Jon Carder and found a few accusations of him being a con artist.
  • – A selection entrepreneur interviews, tributes and short documentaries including some highly respected and famous business people. is also a great documentary about an internet startup, but unfortunately you can’t get it online.

Still want more? Try searching YouTube.

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