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Kitty Vs. Robot Video | Winner Guaranteed!

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Kitty Vs. Robot Video | Winner Guaranteed!

Cats are fantastic creatures. They have it all. And I’m not talking about the life of luxury of eating, sleeping, and playing that most of them enjoy.

I am instead referring to their ability to be the most laid-back animals ever, not giving a crap about anything, and then suddenly to turn into lean, mean, fighting machines. With sharp claws that can do some real damage.

This cat owner decided to pitch his pet against his robot arm. And, let’s face it, there was only ever going to be one winner.

The cat is happy to walk off at first, let things lie, let the robot arm have his day. But when it persists in following moggy around the room, our feline friends pounces. And it’s an instant take-down.

This makes me think that if robots ever try to take over the world, we should send an army of cats to take them out. They wouldn’t stand a chance.

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